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High Five and SH 121/I-35E Progress, December 2004

Last updated December 20, 2004

Photos taken December 11 (121) and December 19, 2004 (High Five)

High Five, US 75/IH-635 Interchange

All ramps except the HOV ramp are now open, and the project is in its final stages with construction of US 75 and IH-635 main lanes in progress.

Looking north along the future northbound US 75 main lanes from one of the connection ramps. DPD pulled over and tried to bust me while I was on the ramp taking the photo. Fortunately, they received a call while interrogating me so they moved on to bigger and better things.

Looking north along the future northbound US 75 main lanes. This will be the bottom level of the interchange.

Moving northward towards the main ramp zone.

Getting closer to the center.

In the center of the interchange.

In the center of the interchange.

This view shows the piers for the two remaining bridges for IH-635. Traffic is currently on the completed southernmost span. The three bridges will allow a 5-2-2-5 configuration for IH-635.

Looking northwest

Looking east along IH-635. The concrete on the left is for the future westbound main lanes. The concrete in the middle is for the future HOT lanes. Traffic is presently using the future eastbound structure. The ramp on the left is 1.4 miles long.

A wider-angle view at the same location.

Looking west at the piers for the future westbound IH-635 main lanes.

121 at IH-35E

Work is moving along well at this 5-level half-stack.

Tragically, the local council of governments recently voted to toll this section of 121 even though it is 100% funded with gasoline tax funds.

Looking southbound along IH-35E.

Same view as previous image, but a little farther north.

Same ramp, different angle.

Same ramp, view from the westbound 121 feeder.

Looking east at the bridges for the 121 main lanes.

Similar view as above.

Looking east at the eastbound 121 main lane bridge, with the feeder road bridge on the right.

Looking along eastbound 121, with piers for a connector ramp in the background.

Looking east between the 121 main lane bridges.

Looking east along the westbound feeder.

Piers for the connection ramp from wb 121 to SB IH-35E.

Looking east from the west side of IH-35E.

Looking southbound along the IH-35E northbound feeder.

Looking southbound along IH-35E.

The entrance ramp to IH-35E southbound on the south side of the interchange.

About a mile south is the stack interchange at 190/Bush Turnpike. The connections to the Bush Turnpike extension are currently under construction.

This is construction of the 121 main lanes a few miles to the east. Although these lanes are built with conventional gas tax funds, they will be tolled. Only in Texas does that kind of nonsense happen!!